About us

MCA is a highly experienced Landscape Architects practice working throughout the south of England. MCA has been registered with the Landscape Institute for 25 years and is based in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

The practice has a 25 year portfolio of successfully completed schemes and offers a fully comprehensive service to developers, incorporating the closely-related disciplines of landscape design, ecology and arboriculture to support planning applications and subsequently fulfil planning conditions.

The practice principal is Mark Cooper BA(Hons) DipLI CMLI, a Chartered Landscape Architect with more than 30 year’s experience in landscape planning and detailed design including large and small scale residential developments, commercial and industrial developments and the restoration of historic landscapes.

Mark regularly appears as expert witness in landscape matters in Public Inquiries and is highly experienced in the preparation of supporting documents for submission with major planning applications including Environmental Statements and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments.

A trusted track record

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments
The practice is experienced in the production of these highly technical documents including the creation of ‘Accurate Visual Representations’ of the proposed development in context.

Site Analysis
The landscape design of a site is often guided by landscape surveys, ecological surveys and tree surveys to determine the ‘baseline’ of a site’s landscape value and to guide the landscape proposals to ensure its enhancement.

Landscape Design Strategies
These are often a combination of written reports and graphic representations of the landscape treatment of a proposed new development and are submitted with the initial application to give the planning authority confirmation of the quality and extent of the future site landscape.

Public Inquiries
Mark Cooper has appeared as expert witness in landscape and tree related matters at many public inquiries and most recently in a second successful appeal on a development site in Dartford.

Landscape Details
The planning authority will impose conditions once planning approval for a scheme has been granted. In landscape terms these might include;

Landscape Details Plans
Scaled drawings which describe in detail the materials, furniture, boundary treatments and planting of trees, woodland, shrubs, hedges, climbers, lawns and meadows which will make up a scheme of landscape.

Landscape Specification
A document which dictates the quality of workmanship and materials involved in creating a scheme of landscape.

Landscape Management
A document which guides the future management and maintenance of a scheme of landscape.

Protection of Trees and Existing Vegetation
A method statement and accompanying plans which indicate the position and extent of trees and vegetation and the means to protect that which is to be retained.

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